unfit Definition

  • 1not having the necessary qualities or standards to meet a particular purpose
  • 2not physically or mentally healthy or strong; not suitable for a particular activity or job

Using unfit: Examples

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  • Example

    The car was deemed unfit for the road.

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    He was declared unfit to stand trial due to his mental state.

  • Example

    She felt unfit to participate in the marathon due to her recent injury.

  • Example

    The teacher was found unfit to continue working with children.

unfit Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with unfit

  • not safe or healthy to eat or drink


    The meat was found to be contaminated and therefore unfit for human consumption.

  • unfit mother/father/parent

    a parent who is unable to provide proper care and support for their child(ren)


    The court ruled that she was an unfit mother and terminated her parental rights.

  • not possessing the necessary qualities or skills to effectively lead or manage a group or organization


    The CEO was deemed unfit to lead the company due to his poor decision-making skills.

Origins of unfit

from un- 'not' + fit, from Old English 'gefitian' meaning 'be suitable'


Summary: unfit in Brief

The term 'unfit' [ʌnˈfɪt] refers to something or someone that does not meet the necessary standards or requirements. It can refer to physical or mental health, as well as qualifications or abilities. Examples include 'The car was deemed unfit for the road.' and 'The teacher was found unfit to continue working with children.' Phrases like 'unfit for human consumption' and 'unfit mother/father/parent' denote specific contexts where the term is used.

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