unified Definition

  • 1made into or become a single unit, entity, or system
  • 2brought together for a common purpose or cause

Using unified: Examples

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  • Example

    The two companies merged to form a unified organization.

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    The team played with a unified strategy and won the game.

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    The country was finally unified after years of conflict.

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    The government called for a unified effort to combat climate change.

unified Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with unified

  • a group of people who present a united and consistent position, especially in the face of opposition or criticism


    The political party presented a unified front against their opponents.

  • a scientific theory that seeks to explain multiple phenomena under a single set of principles


    Einstein's theory of relativity is an example of a unified theory.

  • a collective expression of opinion or sentiment that is consistent and harmonious


    The protesters spoke with a unified voice, demanding justice for the victims.


Summary: unified in Brief

The term 'unified' [ˈjuːnɪfaɪd] refers to the state of being made into a single unit or brought together for a common purpose. It can describe a merger of companies or a team playing with a unified strategy. The phrase 'a unified front' denotes a group presenting a united position, while 'a unified theory' refers to a scientific theory that explains multiple phenomena under a single set of principles.

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