unwholesome Definition

  • 1not conducive to moral, mental, or physical well-being
  • 2not sound or healthful; unhealthful

Using unwholesome: Examples

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    The air in the city is unwholesome and polluted.

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    He had an unwholesome interest in violence and gore.

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    Eating too much junk food is unwholesome for your body.

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    The company's practices were deemed unwholesome by the public.

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Summary: unwholesome in Brief

The term 'unwholesome' [ˌʌnˈhoʊlsəm] refers to something that is not conducive to moral, mental, or physical well-being. It can describe anything from polluted air to unhealthy eating habits. Synonyms include 'harmful,' 'toxic,' and 'unsound,' while antonyms include 'healthy' and 'wholesome.'