valiant Definition

  • 1possessing or showing courage or determination
  • 2brave

Using valiant: Examples

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    The valiant soldier charged into battle without hesitation.

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    She made a valiant effort to save the company from bankruptcy.

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    The firefighters made a valiant attempt to rescue the trapped victims.

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    He put up a valiant fight against the disease.

valiant Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for valiant

Phrases with valiant

  • a brave or heroic act


    His valiant deed earned him a medal of honor.

  • a determined and courageous attempt to achieve something


    Despite the odds, the team made a valiant effort to win the game.

  • a brave and chivalrous medieval warrior


    The story of King Arthur and his valiant knights is a classic tale of heroism and adventure.

Origins of valiant

from Old French 'vaillant', from Latin 'valere', meaning 'to be strong'


Summary: valiant in Brief

The term 'valiant' [หˆvรฆliษ™nt] describes someone who possesses or shows courage and determination. It is often used to describe brave actions, such as charging into battle or making a heroic effort. Synonyms include 'courageous,' 'heroic,' and 'gallant.' Antonyms include 'cowardly' and 'timid.'

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