validated Definition

  • 1demonstrate or support the truth or value of; make valid
  • 2check or prove the validity or accuracy of (something)
  • 3declare legally valid

Using validated: Examples

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  • Example

    The study's findings were validated by subsequent research.

  • Example

    The software is designed to validate user input.

  • Example

    The court validated the contract.

  • Example

    She felt validated by her supervisor's positive feedback.

validated Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with validated

  • self-validated

    confirmed or supported by oneself, without external validation or approval


    Her self-validated sense of worth allowed her to pursue her goals with confidence.

  • parking that has been authorized and paid for by a business or establishment


    Don't forget to get your ticket validated before leaving the restaurant.

  • validated feelings

    emotions that have been acknowledged and accepted by others, providing a sense of validation and support


    Her therapist helped her validate her feelings of anxiety and fear.


Summary: validated in Brief

To 'validate' [ˈvælɪdeɪtɪd] means to demonstrate or support the truth or value of something, check or prove its validity or accuracy, or declare it legally valid. Examples include validating research findings, validating user input, and validating a contract. Phrases like 'self-validated' and 'validated feelings' refer to internal or external confirmation of one's worth or emotions.