vibrant Definition

  • 1full of energy and enthusiasm
  • 2bright and striking
  • 3quivering; pulsating

Using vibrant: Examples

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  • Example

    The city has a vibrant nightlife.

  • Example

    She wore a vibrant red dress to the party.

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    The vibrant colors of the sunset were breathtaking.

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    The music was so vibrant that it made me want to dance.

vibrant Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for vibrant

Idioms Using vibrant

  • full of energy and vitality, often used to describe natural surroundings


    The forest was vibrant with life, with birds chirping and animals scurrying about.

  • brightly colored and visually striking


    The painting was vibrant with color, with bold strokes of red, blue, and yellow.

  • full of energy and vitality, often used to describe a person or a place


    The city was vibrant and alive, with people bustling about and music playing in the streets.

Phrases with vibrant

  • a group of people who are actively engaged in social, cultural, or political activities


    The town has a vibrant community of artists and musicians.

  • a strong and growing economy with many job opportunities and a high level of economic activity


    The country's vibrant economy has attracted many foreign investors.

  • a person who is lively, outgoing, and full of energy


    Her vibrant personality made her popular with everyone she met.

Origins of vibrant

from Latin 'vibrare', meaning 'to shake'


Summary: vibrant in Brief

The term 'vibrant' [ˈvaɪbrənt] describes a person, thing, or place that is full of energy and enthusiasm, as in 'The city has a vibrant nightlife.' It can also refer to something that is bright and striking, like 'She wore a vibrant red dress to the party.' Additionally, 'vibrant' can describe something that is quivering or pulsating, as in 'The music was so vibrant that it made me want to dance.' Phrases like 'vibrant community' and idioms like 'vibrant with life' further illustrate this sense of liveliness.

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