virulent Definition

  • 1(of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects
  • 2bitterly hostile
  • 3(of a feeling) extremely strong or powerful

Using virulent: Examples

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    The virus was highly virulent and spread rapidly through the population.

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    His virulent criticism of the government sparked controversy.

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    She felt a virulent hatred towards her ex-husband.

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    The snake's venom is incredibly virulent.

virulent Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for virulent

Phrases with virulent

  • a variant of a disease-causing organism that is particularly severe or harmful


    The new virulent strain of the virus has caused a surge in hospitalizations.

  • a verbal or written assault that is particularly vicious or hostile


    The politician launched a virulent attack on his opponent during the debate.

  • a sudden and widespread occurrence of a disease that is particularly severe or harmful


    The virulent outbreak of the disease led to a state of emergency being declared.

Origins of virulent

from Latin 'virulentus', meaning 'poisonous'


Summary: virulent in Brief

The term 'virulent' [ˈvɪrjələnt] refers to something that is extremely severe or harmful, such as a disease or poison. It can also describe a feeling that is extremely strong or powerful, like hatred. In addition, it can be used to describe someone who is bitterly hostile, as in 'His virulent criticism of the government sparked controversy.' 'Virulent' can be used in phrases like 'virulent strain' and 'virulent outbreak,' which refer to particularly severe or harmful variants of diseases.