wrinkled Definition

  • 1having small folds or ridges on the surface
  • 2showing signs of age or fatigue

Using wrinkled: Examples

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  • Example

    The old man had a wrinkled face.

  • Example

    She wore a wrinkled shirt to work today.

  • Example

    The paper was wrinkled from being crumpled up.

  • Example

    Her forehead wrinkled in confusion.

wrinkled Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for wrinkled

Phrases with wrinkled

  • a furrowed forehead, often indicating worry or confusion


    She looked at him with a wrinkled brow, unsure of what he meant.

  • a nose that is crinkled or scrunched up, often indicating disgust or disapproval


    She wrinkled her nose at the smell of the garbage.

  • wrinkled clothes

    clothing that is creased or crumpled, often due to being worn or stored improperly


    He showed up to the interview in wrinkled clothes, which made a bad impression.


Summary: wrinkled in Brief

The term 'wrinkled' [ˈrɪŋkld] describes surfaces with small folds or ridges, such as wrinkled clothes or a wrinkled paper. It can also refer to people or animals showing signs of age or fatigue, like a wrinkled face or a wrinkled brow. Phrases like 'wrinkled nose' and 'wrinkled clothes' add specificity to the term.

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