rumpled Definition

  • 1wrinkled or creased
  • 2disheveled or untidy in appearance

Using rumpled: Examples

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  • Example

    He emerged from the bedroom, his hair rumpled from sleep.

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    The rumpled sheets on the bed suggested a restless night.

  • Example

    She looked rumpled and tired after a long day at work.

rumpled Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: rumpled in Brief

'Rumpled' [ruhm-puhld] means wrinkled or creased, or disheveled and untidy in appearance. It is often used to describe someone's appearance after waking up or a long day at work, as in 'He emerged from the bedroom, his hair rumpled from sleep.' 'Rumpled' is a formal word that can be replaced by 'wrinkled' or 'disheveled,' while informally it can be substituted with 'messy' or 'unkempt.'