Essential English Phrases for Overcoming Air Sickness

Essential English Phrases for Overcoming Air Sickness

May 26, 2023
Are you someone that feels sick every time you get on a plane? 🖐️
Some people get excited about traveling as soon as they get on the plane.
For them, it’s one of the ways they enjoy traveling.
However, people who get airsick have a tough time during their flight.😢
The most common symptom of air sickness is motion sickness, but there are many more symptoms.

👂 I can’t hear you well! What should I do?

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Have you ever felt a crackling or popping in your ear?
This symptom is called ear popping.
To get rid of it, try swallowing saliva, yawning, chewing gum, or pinching your nose and gently blowing it. 👍
Ear popping can be uncomfortable, but it's a normal occurrence on flights ✈️

🤢 Did you know that there are several symptoms of motion sickness?

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Nausea caused by motion, especially by traveling in a vehicle, is called motion sickness! You’ve probably experienced motion sickness while on the move, whether on a plane, car, boat, or other type of transportation.
A few common symptoms are breaking out in a cold sweat, headaches, or even feeling drowsy. 😴
I find that taking deep breaths and focusing on a fixed point helps me manage my motion sickness 😌

☁️ Altitude sickness

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Altitude means ‘height, elevation’, and sickness means ‘being ill’.
When these two words are combined, altitude sickness means ‘an illness caused by ascending to a high altitude’.
It rarely occurs to people on airplanes, but if you experience motion and altitude sickness simultaneously, it will not be a pleasant journey.😞
Altitude sickness can affect anyone, regardless of their level of physical fitness 😏