Explore Fun Expressions with "Cold”

Explore Fun Expressions with "Cold”

Jun 2, 2023
Let’s Learn Some New Ways To Use ‘Cold’. Take a Look at These Phrases and Expressions That Include “Cold” 🤓
Cold is an adjective with many different uses.
If you try imagining the imagery of a word, you might understand idioms more easily. Today, let's learn some phrases and expressions including “cold”. Let’s begin!

📄 Cold Case

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Do you know what an unsolved case is called in English? The answer is a cold case. If crime dramas are your favorite shows to watch, it might sound familiar! In fact, there’s actually a TV series called "Cold Case" which is about solving top cold cases. 🕵️‍♀️
The police department reopened a cold case from 1985 to finally solve the murder.

🦃 Go Cold Turkey

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Do you know how to say "to quit something suddenly" when you want to say that you quit smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or drinking coffee in English? Cold is used once again! The expression to know is go cold turkey.
The main point is that you “quit suddenly or at once”. Don’t forget it!
After years of drinking coffee every morning, I decided to go cold turkey and switch to tea instead.

📞 Cold Call

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Have you ever received a telemarketing call on making an investment or advertising a product?
There’s an English expression for it too! Have you guessed it~? The answer is a cold call. The reason "cold" is used here is most likely because it’s a call made without a warm-up; without any prior information or contact.
The sales team spent the afternoon making cold calls to potential clients.