Phrasal verbs "back up" vs "bash up"

Differences between back up and bash up

Back up means to move backward or reverse, or to make a copy of data or files for safekeeping. On the other hand, bash up means to damage or injure something or someone, usually in a physical way.

Meanings and Definitions: back up vs bash up

Learn how to use these expressions through these examples

Back up

  • 1Make a copy of computer data.

    You should always BACK UP important wrong with the hardware.

  • 2Support.

    The rest of the staff BACKED her UP when she complained about working conditions.

  • 3Drive a vehicle backwards.

    Tom BACKED UP without looking and ran over his laptop.

Bash up

  • 1Break, damage or hurt by hitting.

    They BASHED him UP in the fight in the pub last week and he had to go to hospital.

Usage Examples: back up, bash up in Sentences

Learn how to use these expressions through these examples

back up


I always back up my computer files every week.


She backs up her phone data to the cloud.

bash up


He accidentally bashed up his car while trying to park.


She bashes up the old furniture to use as firewood.

Similar Expressions(Synonyms) of Back up

To move backward or undo a previous action.


He had to reverse the car to get out of the parking spot.

To duplicate or replicate data or files for safekeeping.


Before formatting the hard drive, she made sure to make a copy of all important files.

To provide assistance or backup to someone or something.


The team members agreed to support each other during the project to ensure its success.

Similar Expressions(Synonyms) of Bash up

To harm or impair the condition or quality of something.


The storm damaged the roof of the house, causing leaks and water damage.

To destroy or ruin something completely.


The car accident wrecked the front of the vehicle, making it impossible to drive.

beat up

To physically assault or attack someone, causing injuries or bruises.


The victim was beaten up by a group of bullies on his way home from school.

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Differences in back up vs bash up: Usage, Formality, and Tone

Frequency in Daily Use: back up or bash up?

In daily conversation, people use back up more often than bash up. This is because back up is used for more routine tasks such as reversing a car or saving files. Bash up is not used as much and is more specific to situations where something has been damaged or injured. So, while both phrases are used, back up is more common in everyday conversation.

Informal vs Formal: Contextual Use of back up and bash up

Back up and bash up are informal phrases often used in casual conversations. They are suitable for everyday interactions with friends and family. In more formal settings like business or academic contexts, using alternative expressions can convey a more polished tone.

Tone and Implication: The Nuances of back up and bash up

The tone of back up and bash up can differ based on context. Back up often carries a practical or helpful tone when related to saving data or reversing a vehicle, while bash up typically has a negative or destructive tone, especially when referring to damaging objects or injuring people.

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