Phrasal verbs "be out" vs "rap out"

Differences between be out and rap out

Be out means to be absent or not present, while rap out means to speak or recite something quickly and rhythmically.

Meanings and Definitions: be out vs rap out

Learn how to use these expressions through these examples

Be out

  • 1Be absent from a place.

    She IS OUT on a visit for the day.

Rap out

  • 1Say something firmly and loudly.

    She RAPPED OUT the command.

Usage Examples: be out, rap out in Sentences

Learn how to use these expressions through these examples

be out


When I arrived at his office, he was out for lunch.


She is out shopping with her friends.

rap out


The teacher rapped out the instructions to the students.


He raps out the orders to his team.

Similar Expressions(Synonyms) of Be out

not show up

To fail to appear or attend an event or meeting.


I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the party last night. I had to not show up due to a family emergency.

To not be present or available at a specific time or place.


The teacher noticed that one of her students was absent from class today.

To leave or depart from a place or situation.


I need to take off early today to catch my flight.

Similar Expressions(Synonyms) of Rap out

spit rhymes

To rap or recite lyrics in a rhythmic and musical way.


The rapper spit rhymes about his life experiences and struggles in his latest album.

To speak or perform smoothly and rhythmically, especially in music or poetry.


The poet's words flowed effortlessly as she recited her latest poem.

To rap or recite lyrics in a skillful and entertaining way.


The MC busted a rhyme and hyped up the crowd during the hip-hop concert.

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Differences in be out vs rap out: Usage, Formality, and Tone

Frequency in Daily Use: be out or rap out?

In daily conversation, people use be out more often than rap out. This is because be out is a common phrase used to describe someone's absence or unavailability. Rap out is not used as much in everyday conversation, but it can be heard in music or poetry.

Informal vs Formal: Contextual Use of be out and rap out

Be out and rap out are both informal phrases that are suitable for casual conversations with friends and family. However, rap out may be considered more informal due to its association with music and poetry.

Tone and Implication: The Nuances of be out and rap out

The tone of be out and rap out can differ based on context. Be out often carries a neutral or matter-of-fact tone when referring to someone's absence, while rap out typically has a lively and energetic tone, especially when referring to music or poetry.

be out & rap out: Synonyms and Antonyms

Be out


Rap out


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