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What's this line mean?

This line means that she's going through challenges as if they were so easy. The "walls" means a challenging thing or difficult situation, and the "open door" implies that they're easy to get through. Ex: I feel like I've hit a wall with this project. I don't know what to do. Ex: The opportunity was like an open door! So I took it.

What does "make it" mean here?

"Make it" is being used as an idiom here meaning to succeed in surviving or to succeed in living through something difficult. So here it means that the cow may not survive, may die. Ex: You’re gonna make it little buddy. Ex: Our cat had 6 kittens but only 4 of them made it.

As far as I know, sir refers to a male supervisor. Then what's the appropriate title for female supervisors?

Actually, "Sir" is not just used to refer to a male supervisor. "Sir" is a polite way to greet a man and not necessarily even used by many people as a way to greet their supervisor (who can sometimes be called by just their name, depending on the situation). In the case of this video, it has been used as a way to politely refer to a man. For women, you can choose to use "Miss" (for younger, unmarried women) or "Madame" (for older, married women). Ex: Hello Sir, how can I help you today? Ex: This Miss appears to be lost.

What is skipped in front of this sentence?

"Do you" are left out at the beginning of the sentence. The sentence should be "Do you want to watch..." During informal conversations, you may notice that words are left out of sentences. This is because the remainder of the sentence can stand alone and is perfectly clear without the help of other words. Words that are commonly left out are helping verbs, articles, possessives, and personal pronouns. Ex: (Do you) Know where it is? A: How's Annie? B:(She is) Not feeling well. A: How are you? B: (I am) Doing well. Ex: (Are) You ready?

Why does it shows 6 as "six" and 16 as "16" which is arabic number? Is there any rule about it?

When writing, small numbers from one to ten need to be spelled out. Larger numbers above ten should be written as numerals. Ex: I have one cat and two dogs. Ex: There are 365 days in a year.