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what does "come in" mean here?

Here, "come in" means to become involved in a specific role or function. Ex: We'll need a lawyer, and that's when Jack comes in. Ex: You need to be able to write the exam well. That's where extra lessons come in.

What's the main difference between a "rubbish", a "trash" and a "garbage?"

They all mean the same thing when it comes to disposed waste! The difference is the places they are used. "Trash" and "garbage" is considered North American, and "rubbish" is considered British English. So depending on where you are, you will hear one more than the other. Ex: Can you take the trash out? = Can you take the garbage out? = Can you take the rubbish out?

Is it grammatically wrong to use "from which" or just "where" instead of "from where" in this sentence? To me, it feels unnatural to see "from" and "where" are used together.

You are correct here! "From where" can actually be substituted with "from which" AND "where" here without changing the meaning of the sentence. Ex: Her headquarters, from which the teaching's organized, are in Seoul's business district. Ex: Her headquarters, where the teaching's organized, are in Seoul's business district.

What does "workout" mean?

"Workout" is what we use to call a session of exercise or physical training. For example, if you finish exercising at the gym, you can say that you completed a workout. This can be used as both a noun and verb. Ex: I had a great workout this morning at the gym. Ex: I try to workout for at least an hour every day.

What does 'ever' mean here? And how to use this word?

"Ever" is an adverb meaning at at any time, at all times, or always. It is used in conjunction with a verb to modify (or describe) it. You can use it in negatives, but it is more common to use "never" in such contexts. Ex. I won't ever eat meat again, I'm turning vegan. Ex. I have not ever eaten fish in my life. -> I have never eaten fish in my life.