another Definition

  • 1one more; an additional
  • 2a different one; a different person or thing

Using another: Examples

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  • Example

    Can I have another slice of cake?

  • Example

    I need another pen.

  • Example

    Another day, another dollar.

  • Example

    One car is blue, and another is red.

another Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for another

Phrases with another

  • happening successively or in a sequence


    The students handed in their papers one after another.

  • a series of problems or difficulties that happen one after the other


    It seems like one thing after another is going wrong today.

  • an event or action that contributes to the failure or demise of something


    The company's bankruptcy was another nail in the coffin for the struggling economy.

Origins of another

from Old English 'ǣn ōther'


Summary: another in Brief

'Another' [əˈnʌðər] means one more or an additional thing or person. It can also mean a different one or a different person or thing. Phrases like 'one after another' and 'one thing after another' denote a sequence of events, while 'another nail in the coffin' refers to an event that contributes to the failure of something.

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