further Definition

  • 1more distant or advanced
  • 2additional
  • 3to help the progress of something

Using further: Examples

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  • Example

    We need to take further action to solve this problem.

  • Example

    I have nothing further to say on the matter.

  • Example

    She wants to further her career in marketing.

  • Example

    The company is furthering its research into renewable energy.

further Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for further

Phrases with further

  • in addition to something already mentioned


    Further to our conversation yesterday, I wanted to follow up with some additional information.

  • education beyond secondary school, such as college or vocational training


    She decided to pursue further education to advance her career prospects.

  • stop at a certain point and do not proceed any further


    The trail was blocked by a fallen tree, so we had to go no further.

Origins of further

from Old English 'furthor', meaning 'more forward'


Summary: further in Brief

The term 'further' [ˈfɜːðə(r)] refers to something that is more distant or advanced, or an additional action taken to help the progress of something. It can be used as an adjective, adverb, or verb, as in 'We need to take further action to solve this problem.' 'Further' extends into phrases like 'further to,' indicating additional information, and 'further education,' referring to education beyond secondary school.

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