more Definition

  • 1a greater or additional amount or degree
  • 2comparative of 'much' and 'many', indicating a greater quantity or number

Using more: Examples

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  • Example

    I need more time to finish the project.

  • Example

    Can I have some more water, please?

  • Example

    She has more friends than I do.

  • Example

    He wants to earn more money.

  • Example

    More importantly, we need to consider the impact on the environment.

more Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for more

Phrases with more

  • approximately; almost


    More or less, it will take us two hours to get there.

  • more than meets the eye

    there is more to something than what is immediately apparent


    The situation is more than meets the eye. We need to investigate further.

  • more difficult, complicated, or unpleasant than one expected


    The job was more than he bargained for, and he quit after only a week.


Summary: more in Brief

The word 'more' [mɔː(r)] indicates a greater or additional amount or degree, and is used as an adverb, determiner, or pronoun. It is often used in comparisons, such as 'She has more friends than I do,' and can be modified by 'or less' to indicate approximation. Phrases like 'more than meets the eye' suggest hidden complexities, while 'more than one bargained for' implies unexpected difficulties.

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