astonishment Definition

  • 1a feeling of great surprise or wonder
  • 2something that causes great surprise or wonder

Using astonishment: Examples

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  • Example

    To my astonishment, he showed up at the party.

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    The magician's trick left the audience in astonishment.

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    The news of his sudden death was met with astonishment and disbelief.

astonishment Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for astonishment

Phrases with astonishment

  • a facial expression that conveys great surprise or wonder


    She wore a look of astonishment when she saw the surprise party.

  • with great surprise or wonder


    He stared at her in astonishment when she told him the news.

  • beyond astonishment

    so surprising or unexpected that it is difficult to believe


    The scale of the disaster was beyond astonishment.

Origins of astonishment

from Old French 'estoner', meaning 'to stun'


Summary: astonishment in Brief

'Astonishment' [əˈstɒnɪʃmənt] refers to a feeling of great surprise or wonder, or something that causes such a feeling. It can be conveyed through facial expressions like 'look of astonishment,' and used in phrases like 'beyond astonishment,' which denotes something so surprising that it is difficult to believe. Synonyms include 'amazement,' 'surprise,' and 'wonder,' while antonyms include 'expectation' and 'composure.'