bedevil Definition

  • 1to cause great and continual trouble to someone
  • 2to confuse or annoy someone

Using bedevil: Examples

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  • Example

    The team was bedeviled by injuries throughout the season.

  • Example

    The company was bedeviled by financial problems.

  • Example

    The politician was bedeviled by scandals and controversies.

  • Example

    The writer was bedeviled by writer's block.

bedevil Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bedevil

  • vex
  • torment
  • plague
  • harass
  • persecute

Antonyms for bedevil

Phrases with bedevil

  • to be plagued or troubled by something


    The town was bedeviled with power outages during the storm.

  • bedevil someone's steps

    to cause constant trouble or difficulties for someone


    The rival company tried to bedevil our steps by spreading false rumors about us.

  • a state of confusion or mental distress


    The trauma caused by the accident led to a bedevilment of the mind.

Origins of bedevil

from 'be-' meaning 'thoroughly' + 'devil'


Summary: bedevil in Brief

The verb 'bedevil' [bih-dev-uhl] means to cause great and continual trouble or annoyance to someone. It is often used in contexts such as injuries bedeviling a sports team, or financial problems bedeviling a company. The phrase 'be bedeviled with something' refers to being plagued or troubled by something, while 'bedevil someone's steps' means to cause constant trouble or difficulties for someone.