vex Definition

to make someone feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.

Using vex: Examples

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    The noise from the construction site vexed the neighbors.

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    Her constant complaining vexes me.

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    He was vexed by the delay in his flight.

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    The difficult puzzle vexed even the smartest students.

vex Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for vex

Idioms Using vex

  • vexed as a bear with a sore head

    extremely annoyed or irritable


    Don't talk to him right now, he's vexed as a bear with a sore head.

  • a controversial issue that is currently being debated or discussed


    The vexed question of the day is whether or not to reopen schools during the pandemic.

  • to be emotionally distressed or agitated


    She was vexed in spirit after the breakup with her boyfriend.

Phrases with vex

  • vex one's spirit

    to cause emotional distress or agitation


    The tragic news of her friend's death vexed her spirit for weeks.

  • a controversial issue that is difficult to resolve


    The debate over gun control is a vexed question in American politics.

  • a complex and difficult problem that is hard to solve


    The scientist spent years trying to solve the vexed problem of climate change.

Origins of vex

from Old French 'vexer', meaning 'to annoy'


Summary: vex in Brief

The verb 'vex' [veks] means to annoy, frustrate, or worry someone, often with trivial matters. It can refer to anything from a noisy construction site to a difficult puzzle. The phrase 'vexed question' denotes a controversial issue that is hard to resolve, while 'vexed problem' refers to a complex and difficult problem. 'Vexed as a bear with a sore head' is an idiom used to describe extreme annoyance or irritability.

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