businessman Definition

a man who works in business, especially one who has a high position in a company.

Using businessman: Examples

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    He is a successful businessman who owns several companies.

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    The businessman negotiated a deal with the foreign investors.

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    The conference was attended by many businessmen from around the world.

businessman Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for businessman

Idioms Using businessman

  • do business with someone

    to have a business relationship with someone


    We've been doing business with them for years.

  • mind your own business

    to not interfere in other people's affairs


    I wish he would mind his own business and stop asking me personal questions.

  • to take responsibility for doing something


    It should be every citizen's business to help protect the environment.

Phrases with businessman

  • a wealthy and influential businessman who has a major impact on the economy


    The big businessman invested millions of dollars in the new project.

  • a person who owns and operates a small business


    The small businessman struggled to keep his store open during the pandemic.

  • a person who has achieved success in business through hard work and determination


    The successful businessman started his company from scratch and built it into a multinational corporation.


Summary: businessman in Brief

'Businessman' [ˈbɪznəsmən] refers to a man who works in business, often in a high position. It can describe anyone from small business owners to wealthy magnates. Examples include 'The businessman negotiated a deal with the foreign investors.' 'Businessman' has idiomatic uses like 'mind your own business,' meaning to not interfere in others' affairs, and 'make it your business to do something,' meaning to take responsibility for doing something.

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