ceased Definition

  • 1to stop doing something or stop happening
  • 2to die

Using ceased: Examples

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  • Example

    The company has ceased trading.

  • Example

    The rain had ceased by the time we arrived.

  • Example

    He ceased to be a member of the club last year.

  • Example

    The noise ceased as soon as he entered the room.

ceased Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with ceased

  • a legal order to stop doing something immediately


    The company received a cease and desist order from the government.

  • an order to stop shooting in a war


    The two sides agreed to a cease-fire after months of fighting.

  • to no longer exist


    The company ceased to exist after it went bankrupt.


Summary: ceased in Brief

The term 'ceased' [siːst] means to stop doing something or stop happening, and can also refer to death. It is often used in formal contexts, such as 'The company has ceased trading,' but can also be used informally, as in 'Let's knock off work for the day.' 'Ceased' is part of phrases like 'cease and desist' and 'cease fire,' which denote legal orders and military actions, respectively.