civic Definition

  • 1relating to a city or town, especially its administration; municipal
  • 2relating to citizenship or being a citizen

Using civic: Examples

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    The civic authorities are responsible for maintaining the city's infrastructure.

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    The new civic center will host a variety of cultural events.

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    Civic pride is important for the development of any city.

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    The school organized a civic education program for the students.

civic Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for civic

Phrases with civic

  • a responsibility or obligation to participate in the affairs of one's community or country


    Voting is a civic duty that every citizen should take seriously.

  • the active participation of citizens in the life of their communities, often involving political or social action


    The organization promotes civic engagement among young people through volunteer work and community service projects.

  • a building or complex of buildings that serves as a hub for community activities and events


    The new civic center includes a library, a theater, and a conference hall.

Origins of civic

from Latin 'civicus', from 'civis' meaning 'citizen'


Summary: civic in Brief

The term 'civic' [ˈsɪvɪk] refers to things related to cities or towns, such as their administration or infrastructure. It also relates to citizenship and being a citizen, exemplified by 'Civic pride is important for the development of any city.' 'Civic' extends into phrases like 'civic duty,' denoting a responsibility to participate in community affairs, and 'civic center,' a hub for community activities.