confrontation Definition

  • 1a hostile or argumentative situation or meeting between opposing parties
  • 2the action of confronting a problem or difficult situation

Using confrontation: Examples

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    The confrontation between the two rival gangs resulted in several injuries.

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    He avoided confrontation by leaving the room.

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    The manager had a confrontation with the employee over his poor performance.

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    The confrontation between the protesters and the police turned violent.

confrontation Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using confrontation

  • in your face (confrontation)

    a direct and aggressive confrontation or challenge


    The politician's speech was full of in-your-face confrontation towards his opponents.

  • face the music (confrontation)

    to confront the consequences of one's actions


    After cheating on the exam, he knew he had to face the music and accept the failing grade.

  • put up a fight (confrontation)

    to resist or oppose someone or something aggressively


    Although outnumbered, the soldiers put up a good fight during the confrontation.

Phrases with confrontation

  • to prevent a situation from becoming hostile or argumentative


    She tried to avoid confrontation by changing the subject.

  • a training program that teaches individuals how to handle difficult or hostile situations


    The new employees were required to take a confrontation course before starting their job.

  • a type of therapy that involves facing and addressing one's fears or anxieties directly


    The patient underwent confrontation therapy to overcome his fear of public speaking.

Origins of confrontation

from Latin 'confrontare', meaning 'to stand face to face'


Summary: confrontation in Brief

The term 'confrontation' [ˌkɒnfrʌnˈteɪʃən] refers to hostile or argumentative situations between opposing parties. It can also refer to the act of facing and addressing a problem or difficult situation. Examples include 'The confrontation between the two rival gangs resulted in several injuries,' and 'He avoided confrontation by leaving the room.' Phrases like 'in your face (confrontation)' and 'face the music (confrontation)' denote direct and aggressive confrontations, while 'put up a fight (confrontation)' implies resistance or opposition.

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