convivial Definition

  • 1friendly, lively, and enjoyable
  • 2relating to feasting, drinking, and good company

Using convivial: Examples

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    The party was a convivial affair with plenty of food and drink.

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    He has a convivial personality and is always surrounded by friends.

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    The restaurant has a convivial atmosphere that makes you feel welcome.

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    The convivial gathering lasted until the early hours of the morning.

convivial Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for convivial

Phrases with convivial

  • the quality of being friendly, lively, and enjoyable


    The conviviality of the group made the long journey more bearable.

  • a festive and sociable attitude or atmosphere


    The convivial spirit of the festival was infectious, and everyone was in high spirits.

  • a group of people who are friendly, sociable, and enjoyable to be around


    I always enjoy spending time with my aunt and uncle because they are such convivial company.

Origins of convivial

from Latin 'convivialis', meaning 'festive'


Summary: convivial in Brief

The term 'convivial' [kษ™nหˆvษชviษ™l] describes a friendly, lively, and enjoyable atmosphere or person. It is often associated with feasting, drinking, and good company, as in 'The party was a convivial affair with plenty of food and drink.' 'Convivial' extends into phrases like 'conviviality,' denoting the quality of being friendly and enjoyable, and 'convivial company,' referring to a group of people who are sociable and fun to be around.