determinate Definition

  • 1having a fixed order or course of action; certain
  • 2able to be determined or decided

Using determinate: Examples

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    The determinate plan for the project was presented to the board.

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    The outcome of the experiment was not determinate.

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    The judge made a determinate ruling on the case.

determinate Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for determinate

Phrases with determinate

  • a sentence that has a fixed length and cannot be changed by a parole board or other agency


    The judge gave him a determinate sentence of five years in prison.

  • a factor that has a definite effect on something


    The weather was a determinate factor in the success of the crop.

  • growth that stops after a certain point is reached


    Trees have determinate growth, which means they stop growing once they reach maturity.

Origins of determinate

from Latin 'determinatus', past participle of 'determinare', meaning 'to limit, determine'


Summary: determinate in Brief

The term 'determinate' [dɪˈtɜːmɪnət] describes something that has a fixed order or course of action, or something that can be determined or decided. It is often used in legal contexts, such as 'determinate sentence,' and scientific contexts, such as 'determinate growth.' Synonyms include 'definite' and 'certain,' while antonyms include 'indeterminate' and 'uncertain.'