door Definition

  • 1a movable barrier used to open and close an entranceway
  • 2the entrance to a building or room

Using door: Examples

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  • Example

    She opened the door and stepped inside.

  • Example

    He knocked on the door but no one answered.

  • Example

    The front door was painted red.

  • Example

    Please close the door behind you.

door Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for door

Idioms Using door

  • to ask someone to leave a place, especially because they are not wanted


    After his rude behavior, the manager showed him the door.

  • to allow for the possibility of something happening in the future


    Although they didn't reach an agreement, they left the door open for future negotiations.

  • to put an end to something or to refuse to consider it further


    The failure of the project closed the door on any future investments.

Phrases with door

  • in the adjacent building or room


    The neighbors next door are very noisy.

  • leaving or departing from a place


    As soon as the meeting ended, he was out the door.

  • to refuse to allow something to happen or be considered


    The company shut the door on any further negotiations.

Origins of door

from Old English 'duru'


Summary: door in Brief

A 'door' [dɔːr] is a movable barrier that opens and closes an entranceway. It can also refer to the entrance itself, such as 'She opened the door and stepped inside.' The term extends into phrases like 'next door,' referring to an adjacent building or room, and idioms like 'show someone the door,' meaning to ask someone to leave a place.

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