dryness Definition

  • 1the state or quality of being dry, lacking moisture or water
  • 2a lack of interest, excitement, or emotion
  • 3a lack of alcoholic content in a drink

Using dryness: Examples

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  • Example

    The dryness of the desert made it difficult to grow crops.

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    The dryness of his voice indicated that he was not interested in the topic.

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    The wine's dryness complemented the meal perfectly.

dryness Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with dryness

  • a condition where the mouth feels dry due to lack of saliva


    He experienced dryness of mouth after taking the medication.

  • a condition where the skin lacks moisture and becomes rough and flaky


    She uses moisturizer to prevent dryness of skin during the winter months.

  • a style of humor characterized by a lack of emotion or enthusiasm


    His dryness of humor was not appreciated by everyone in the audience.


Summary: dryness in Brief

Dryness [drahy-nis] refers to the state of lacking moisture or water, as well as a lack of interest, excitement, or emotion. It can also refer to a lack of alcoholic content in a drink. Examples include the dryness of the desert, a dry voice indicating disinterest, and a wine's dryness complementing a meal. Phrases include 'dryness of mouth,' 'dryness of skin,' and 'dryness of humor.' Synonyms include 'aridity,' 'parchedness,' and 'boredom.'