elated Definition

very happy and excited because of something good that has happened.

Using elated: Examples

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    She was elated to hear that she had been accepted into the university.

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    The team was elated after winning the championship.

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    He was elated by the news of his promotion.

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    I felt elated when I received the award.

elated Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with elated

  • a state of happiness and excitement


    The party put everyone in an elated mood.

  • a feeling of great happiness and enthusiasm


    The team's victory lifted their elated spirits.

  • a facial expression that shows great happiness and excitement


    She had an elated expression on her face when she won the award.

Origins of elated

from Latin 'elatus', meaning 'lifted up'


Summary: elated in Brief

'Elated' [ih-ley-tid] is an adjective used to describe a state of great happiness and excitement due to something good happening. It is often used to describe feelings of triumph, success, or achievement, as in 'She was elated to hear that she had been accepted into the university.' Synonyms include 'ecstatic,' 'overjoyed,' and 'thrilled,' while antonyms include 'depressed,' 'disappointed,' and 'miserable.'