euphoric Definition

intensely happy or confident.

Using euphoric: Examples

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    She felt euphoric after winning the race.

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    The team was euphoric after their victory.

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    The audience was in a state of euphoria after the concert.

euphoric Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with euphoric

  • the tendency to remember past experiences in a positive light, even when they were not entirely positive


    He had a case of euphoric recall about his college days, forgetting all the stress and anxiety he experienced at that time.

  • a state of intense happiness or pleasure


    She was in a euphoric mood after receiving the good news.

  • a feeling of intense happiness or excitement, often associated with drug use


    He experienced a euphoric high after taking the drugs.


Summary: euphoric in Brief

The term 'euphoric' [yoo-fawr-ik] describes an intense feeling of happiness or confidence. It is often used to describe the emotional state of individuals or groups after a significant achievement or event. Synonyms include 'elated' and 'ecstatic,' while antonyms include 'depressed' and 'miserable.' Phrases like 'euphoric recall' denote the tendency to remember past experiences positively, while 'euphoric high' refers to the intense feeling of happiness or excitement often associated with drug use.