fabulous Definition

  • 1amazingly good; wonderful
  • 2incredible, mythical or legendary

Using fabulous: Examples

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    The food at the restaurant was absolutely fabulous.

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    She looked fabulous in her new dress.

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    The story of the lost city is a fabulous tale.

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    The singer gave a fabulous performance.

fabulous Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for fabulous

Idioms Using fabulous

  • to look or feel great at the age of fifty or older


    She may be turning fifty, but she still looks fabulous at fifty!

  • a large and sumptuous meal, often served on special occasions


    The wedding reception featured a fabulous feast with all kinds of delicious dishes.

  • a life of luxury, wealth, and privilege


    The socialite lived a fabulous life, attending parties and traveling to exotic destinations.

Phrases with fabulous

  • fabulous wealth

    an enormous amount of money or assets


    The tycoon had accumulated a fabulous wealth over the years.

  • a mythical or legendary animal or being


    The unicorn is a fabulous creature that has been depicted in many cultures.

  • an incredible or extraordinary fate or future


    The hero's journey was marked by a fabulous destiny, full of adventure and danger.

Origins of fabulous

from Latin 'fabulosus', meaning 'celebrated in fable'


Summary: fabulous in Brief

The term 'fabulous' [ˈfæbjələs] describes something that is amazingly good or wonderful, as in 'The food at the restaurant was absolutely fabulous.' It can also refer to something mythical or legendary, as in 'The story of the lost city is a fabulous tale.' 'Fabulous' extends into phrases like 'fabulous wealth,' and idioms like 'fabulous at fifty,' denoting looking or feeling great at an older age, and 'fabulous life,' implying a life of luxury and privilege.

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