faded Definition

  • 1having lost brightness or color, especially gradually
  • 2no longer popular or fashionable

Using faded: Examples

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  • Example

    The faded curtains in the old house looked like they had not been washed for years.

  • Example

    The paint on the walls had faded over time.

  • Example

    Her memories of him had faded with time.

  • Example

    The once popular band's fame had faded away.

  • Example

    The fashion trend from the 90s has faded out.

faded Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with faded

  • gradually disappear or become less noticeable


    The sound of the music slowly faded away as we walked further from the concert venue.

  • gradually become visible or audible


    The scene fades in to show a beautiful sunset over the ocean.

  • gradually become less visible or audible until it disappears completely


    The movie ends with the screen fading out to black.


Summary: faded in Brief

The adjective 'faded' [ˈfeɪdɪd] describes something that has lost its brightness or color, often gradually. It can also refer to something that is no longer popular or fashionable, such as an outdated fashion trend or a once-popular band. Examples include 'The paint on the walls had faded over time' and 'The once popular band's fame had faded away.' Phrases include 'fade away,' 'fade in,' and 'fade out.'

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