floriferous Definition

producing flowers; flowery.

Using floriferous: Examples

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    The floriferous garden was a sight to behold.

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    The floriferous trees were in full bloom.

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    The floriferous meadow was filled with wildflowers.

floriferous Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for floriferous

Phrases with floriferous

  • an impressive or beautiful arrangement of flowers


    The floriferous display at the flower show was breathtaking.

  • a period of time when many flowers are blooming


    Spring is the most floriferous season in this region.

  • a plant that produces many flowers


    The rose is a floriferous plant that blooms throughout the summer.

Origins of floriferous

from Latin 'flōrifer', from 'flōs' meaning 'flower' and 'ferre' meaning 'to bear'


Summary: floriferous in Brief

'Floriferous' [flaw-rif-er-uhs] is an adjective that describes something that produces flowers or is adorned with flowers. It can be used to describe gardens, trees, meadows, and other things that are covered in flowers. The term also extends into phrases like 'floriferous display,' 'floriferous season,' and 'floriferous plant.'