followership Definition

  • 1the ability or willingness to follow a leader
  • 2the state of being a follower

Using followership: Examples

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    Effective followership is essential for a successful team.

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    The company's culture values both leadership and followership.

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    She demonstrated her followership by supporting her boss's decisions.

followership Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with followership

  • the ability to be an effective follower, including being supportive, communicative, and responsible


    The team's success was due in part to their good followership.

  • a negative form of followership that includes passive-aggressive behavior, lack of commitment, and resistance to change


    The project failed due to toxic followership among team members.

  • a type of followership that emphasizes serving the leader and the organization's goals


    Servant followership is a key component of effective leadership.


Summary: followership in Brief

Followership [ˈfɑːloʊʃɪp] refers to the ability or willingness to follow a leader, and the state of being a follower. It is essential for successful teamwork and can be demonstrated through good followership, which includes being supportive, communicative, and responsible. However, toxic followership can lead to negative outcomes, such as passive-aggressive behavior and resistance to change.