forthcoming Definition

  • 1planned for or about to happen in the near future
  • 2willing to talk about things and to answer questions openly
  • 3available when needed or expected

Using forthcoming: Examples

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  • Example

    The company has announced its forthcoming merger with a rival firm.

  • Example

    The author's forthcoming book is eagerly anticipated by her fans.

  • Example

    The minister was not forthcoming with details of the new policy.

  • Example

    She was very forthcoming about her past experiences.

forthcoming Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with forthcoming

  • in the forthcoming weeks/months

    in the next few weeks/months


    We expect to receive the report in the forthcoming weeks.

  • willing to provide information or answer questions


    The police were not forthcoming with information about the investigation.

  • be open and honest about something


    He was not forthcoming about his involvement in the incident.

Origins of forthcoming

from forth + come, meaning 'to come forward'


Summary: forthcoming in Brief

The term 'forthcoming' [fɔːθˈkʌmɪŋ] refers to events or situations that are planned or expected to happen soon. It also describes people who are willing to talk openly and provide information. Synonyms include 'approaching,' 'upcoming,' and 'available,' while antonyms include 'past,' 'overdue,' and 'unavailable.' Phrases like 'in the forthcoming weeks/months' and 'forthcoming with information' are common, as well as the idiom 'be forthcoming about something.'