approaching Definition

  • 1coming near or drawing close in time, distance, or similarity
  • 2the act of coming near or drawing close

Using approaching: Examples

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  • Example

    The approaching storm brought strong winds and heavy rain.

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    The deadline for the project is fast approaching.

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    We could see the approaching headlights from a distance.

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    The approaching holiday season means more traffic on the roads.

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    The approaching figure turned out to be a friend.

approaching Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with approaching

  • getting closer to the midpoint of one's life, typically around the age of 40-50


    He was feeling anxious about approaching middle age and all the changes it would bring.

  • getting closer and closer to zero, either in value or quantity


    The company's profits were approaching zero, and they needed to take action to turn things around.

  • coming from behind someone or something


    The car approached from the rear, startling the pedestrian.


Summary: approaching in Brief

The term 'approaching' [uh-proh-ching] refers to the act of coming near or drawing close in time, distance, or similarity. It can describe anything from a storm or holiday season that is getting closer, to a person who is approaching middle age. The phrase 'approaching zero' denotes getting closer and closer to zero, while 'approaching from the rear' describes something coming from behind.