gain Definition

  • 1to obtain or acquire something desirable
  • 2an increase in wealth, power, or resources

Using gain: Examples

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    She gained a lot of knowledge from her experience.

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    He gained the respect of his colleagues through his hard work.

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    The company gained a significant market share after the merger.

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    I hope to gain admission to a top university.

gain Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using gain

  • ill-gotten gains

    money or possessions that have been acquired dishonestly


    The politician was accused of using his position to amass ill-gotten gains.

  • no pain, no gain

    you have to work hard and suffer to achieve something


    She knew that studying for the exam would be difficult, but she believed in the saying 'no pain, no gain.'

  • to get closer to someone who is ahead of you in a competition or race


    The runner was able to gain ground on the leader in the final lap.

Phrases with gain

  • to make progress or advance in a situation


    The company is gaining ground in the competitive market.

  • to become heavier or fatter


    She has gained weight since she stopped exercising.

  • to gain control or an advantage over someone or something


    After a long struggle, the company finally gained the upper hand over its competitors.

Origins of gain

from Old Norse 'gagn', meaning 'advantage'


Summary: gain in Brief

The term 'gain' [ɡeɪn] refers to obtaining or acquiring something desirable, such as knowledge or admission to a university. It can also refer to an increase in wealth, power, or resources, as in 'The company gained a significant market share after the merger.' Phrases like 'gain ground' and 'gain the upper hand' denote making progress or gaining control, while idioms like 'no pain, no gain' imply that hard work is necessary for success.

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