impregnable Definition

  • 1unable to be captured or broken into
  • 2unable to be defeated or overcome

Using impregnable: Examples

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  • Example

    The fortress was considered impregnable.

  • Example

    The team's defense was impregnable, allowing no goals in the entire season.

  • Example

    Her argument was impregnable and convinced everyone in the room.

impregnable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with impregnable

  • a position that is impossible to attack or defeat


    The army took up an impregnable position on top of the hill.

  • a line of reasoning that is impossible to refute or argue against


    His impregnable logic left his opponent speechless.

  • a fortress that is impossible to capture or break into


    The castle was built as an impregnable fortress to protect the kingdom.

Origins of impregnable

from Old French 'imprenable', from Latin 'im-' (not) + 'premō' (to seize)


Summary: impregnable in Brief

The term 'impregnable' [ɪmˈprɛɡnəbəl] refers to something that is unable to be captured, broken into, defeated, or overcome. It can describe a fortress, a defense, or an argument, as in 'The fortress was considered impregnable,' 'The team's defense was impregnable,' and 'Her argument was impregnable and convinced everyone in the room.' Phrases like 'impregnable position' and 'impregnable logic' further emphasize the idea of being impossible to attack or refute.