[lam-uh n-tuh-buh l]

lamentable Definition

unfortunate, regrettable, or deplorable.

Using lamentable: Examples

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  • Example

    It is a lamentable fact that many children are still living in poverty.

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    The state of the economy is truly lamentable.

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    The team's performance was lamentable.

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    The lack of action on climate change is a lamentable failure of leadership.

lamentable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with lamentable

  • lamentable condition

    a state of being that is unfortunate or pitiful


    The refugees were found in a lamentable condition, with no food or water for days.

  • a condition that is deplorable or sad


    The city's infrastructure is in a lamentable state, with potholes and broken roads everywhere.

  • a defeat or failure that is regrettable or unfortunate


    The team's lamentable loss in the finals was a huge disappointment for their fans.

Origins of lamentable

from Old French 'lamentable', from Latin 'lamentabilis', meaning 'mournful, to be lamented'


Summary: lamentable in Brief

The adjective 'lamentable' [lam-uh n-tuh-buh l] means unfortunate, regrettable, or deplorable. It is often used to describe situations, conditions, or events that are pitiful or sad, such as 'The state of the economy is truly lamentable.' 'Lamentable' can also be used to describe losses or failures that are regrettable, as in 'The team's performance was lamentable.'