median Definition

  • 1the value that is exactly in the middle of a set of numbers when they are arranged in order
  • 2a strip of land dividing lanes of opposing traffic, especially on a highway

Using median: Examples

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    The median income for this area is $50,000.

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    The median age of the population is 35 years.

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    The median home price in this neighborhood is $500,000.

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    The highway has a grassy median separating the northbound and southbound lanes.

median Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for median

Phrases with median

  • a theory stating that in a two-party system, the political party that can attract the median voter will win the election


    The candidate who appeals to the median voter is more likely to win the election.

  • median nerve

    a nerve that runs from the arm to the hand and controls movement and sensation in part of the hand


    The median nerve can be damaged by carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • median strip

    a strip of land between the lanes of a road or highway, often with trees or grass


    The median strip was recently landscaped with flowers and shrubs.

Origins of median

from Latin 'medius', meaning 'middle'


Summary: median in Brief

The term 'median' [ˈmiːdiən] refers to the middle value in a set of numbers or data points. It is often used to describe statistics such as income, age, or home prices. Additionally, 'median' can refer to the strip of land dividing lanes of opposing traffic, especially on a highway.

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