philanthropist Definition

a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Using philanthropist: Examples

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    The billionaire is known for his philanthropic activities.

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    She became a philanthropist after inheriting her father's wealth.

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    The organization received a huge donation from a local philanthropist.

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    He was honored for his philanthropic work in education.

philanthropist Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for philanthropist

Idioms Using philanthropist

  • used to describe someone who is very kind and generous


    She has a heart of gold and always helps those in need. She's a true philanthropist.

  • to give so much money or effort to a cause that it causes personal hardship


    He's a true philanthropist who gives till it hurts to support education and healthcare initiatives.

  • put one's money where one's mouth is

    to back up one's words with action, especially by spending money


    The philanthropist put his money where his mouth is and donated a large sum to support environmental conservation.

Phrases with philanthropist

  • a company or business that donates money, time, or resources to charitable causes


    The corporate philanthropist donated millions of dollars to support research on climate change.

  • a famous person who donates money, time, or resources to charitable causes


    The celebrity philanthropist organized a charity event to raise funds for cancer research.

  • a person who uses social media to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes


    The social philanthropist started a crowdfunding campaign to help families affected by the pandemic.

Origins of philanthropist

from Late Latin 'philanthropia', from Greek 'philanthrōpia', meaning 'love of mankind'


Summary: philanthropist in Brief

A 'philanthropist' [fɪˈlænθrəpɪst] is a person who promotes the welfare of others, often through generous donations to good causes. Examples include corporate philanthropists, celebrity philanthropists, and social philanthropists. Idioms like 'a heart of gold' and 'give till it hurts' describe the generosity and selflessness of philanthropists.