possible Definition

  • 1able to be done or achieved, or able to exist
  • 2able to happen or be true

Using possible: Examples

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  • Example

    It is possible to finish the project by next week.

  • Example

    Is it possible to change the reservation?

  • Example

    It's not possible to predict the future.

  • Example

    There are several possible explanations for the problem.

possible Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with possible

  • as quickly as can be done


    Please send me the report as soon as possible.

  • if it can be done


    Can you come to the meeting tomorrow if possible?

  • all things being equal

    if everything is the same


    All things being equal, it's possible that we will win the game.

Origins of possible

from Old French 'possible', from Latin 'possibilis', from 'posse' meaning 'be able'


Summary: possible in Brief

The term 'possible' [ˈpɑːsəbl] refers to something that can be done, achieved, or exist, or something that can happen or be true. It is often used in phrases like 'as soon as possible' and 'if possible.' 'Possible' has synonyms like 'feasible' and 'attainable,' and antonyms like 'impossible' and 'unattainable.'

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