pretty Definition

  • 1attractive in a delicate way without being beautiful
  • 2to a moderately high degree; fairly

Using pretty: Examples

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  • Example

    She's a pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

  • Example

    The sunset was pretty, but not as stunning as yesterday's.

  • Example

    He did a pretty good job on the project.

  • Example

    I'm pretty sure I left my keys on the table.

pretty Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for pretty

Phrases with pretty

  • a polite expression used when asking for something


    Can I have some ice cream, pretty please?

  • a large amount of money


    That car must have cost a pretty penny.

  • pretty up

    to make something look more attractive or appealing


    She decided to pretty up her garden with some colorful flowers.

Origins of pretty

from Old English 'prættig', meaning 'cunning, sly'


Summary: pretty in Brief

The term 'pretty' [ˈprɪti] describes something that is attractive in a delicate way without being beautiful. It can also mean 'to a moderately high degree; fairly,' as in 'He did a pretty good job on the project.' Phrases like 'pretty please' and 'pretty penny' are common, and 'pretty up' means to make something look more attractive.

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