cute Definition

  • 1attractive, usually small, and easy to like
  • 2delightfully pretty or dainty
  • 3clever or cunning, especially in a self-seeking or superficial way

Using cute: Examples

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  • Example

    That puppy is so cute!

  • Example

    She wore a cute little dress to the party.

  • Example

    He thinks he's being cute, but really he's just annoying.

  • Example

    The movie was cute, but not very deep.

cute Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with cute

  • very cute or charming


    Look at that baby! She's as cute as a button!

  • a pair of people who are romantically involved and look good together


    They're such a cute couple! They always look so happy together.

  • an excessive amount of cuteness, often used humorously


    I can't handle all these pictures of puppies! It's a cute overload!


Summary: cute in Brief

The word 'cute' [kyoot] describes something that is attractive, usually small, and easy to like. It can also refer to something that is delightfully pretty or dainty, or to someone who is clever or cunning in a superficial way. Examples include 'That puppy is so cute!' and 'She wore a cute little dress to the party.' Phrases include 'cute as a button,' 'cute couple,' and 'cute overload.'

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