slur Definition

  • 1an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation
  • 2a mark or stain that damages the appearance of something

Using slur: Examples

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  • Example

    The politician made a slur against his opponent's character.

  • Example

    The graffiti on the wall was a slur against the neighborhood.

  • Example

    The wine stain left a slur on the carpet.

  • Example

    The singer was criticized for using a racial slur in her song lyrics.

slur Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using slur

  • wipe the slate clean (of something)

    to forget or forgive past offenses or mistakes


    After apologizing, he hoped to wipe the slate clean of the racial slur he had made.

  • to make false accusations or insinuations about someone in order to damage their reputation


    The opposing candidate threw mud at him during the election campaign.

  • to damage someone's reputation or cause them embarrassment


    The scandal gave the company a black eye in the media.

Phrases with slur

  • to treat something quickly or superficially, without giving it the attention it deserves


    He slurred over the details of the project during the presentation.

  • to make an insulting or damaging insinuation about someone or something


    The article cast a slur on the reputation of the company.

  • slur one's words

    to speak unclearly or indistinctly, often due to drunkenness or illness


    He had too much to drink and began to slur his words.

Origins of slur

from Middle English 'scluren', meaning 'to drag the feet, shuffle'


Summary: slur in Brief

The term 'slur' [slɜːr] refers to an insinuation or allegation that insults or damages someone's reputation. It can also refer to a mark or stain that damages the appearance of something. Examples include 'The politician made a slur against his opponent's character.' and 'The wine stain left a slur on the carpet.' Phrases like 'slur over' denote treating something superficially, while idioms like 'throw mud at someone' describe making false accusations to damage someone's reputation.

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