spoke Definition

  • 1a rod or bar that extends from the hub of a wheel and supports the rim
  • 2each of the bars or wire rods connecting the center of a wheel to its outer edge
  • 3a radial support in a wheel or propeller

Using spoke: Examples

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  • Example

    The bicycle wheel has 32 spokes.

  • Example

    He tightened the spoke with a wrench.

  • Example

    The wheel broke when one of the spokes snapped.

spoke Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for spoke

Phrases with spoke

  • put words in someone's mouth

    to say or suggest that someone said something that they did not actually say


    I never said that! Don't put words in my mouth.

  • to make a statement about something before you have enough information, causing you to be proven wrong later


    I thought I had finished the project, but I spoke too soon. There were still a few more tasks left to do.

  • spokes of a wheel

    the bars or rods that connect the center of a wheel to its outer edge


    The spokes of the wagon wheel were made of wood.

Origins of spoke

from Old English 'spāca', meaning 'spoke, radius'


Summary: spoke in Brief

'Spoke' [spoʊk] refers to a rod or bar that connects the hub of a wheel to its outer edge. It is an essential component of a wheel, and the number of spokes can vary depending on the type of wheel. The phrase 'spoke too soon' means to make a statement before having enough information, while 'put words in someone's mouth' means to attribute a statement to someone that they did not actually say.

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