today Definition

on or in the course of this present day; used to refer to the present period of time.

Using today: Examples

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    I am going to the gym today.

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    Today is a beautiful day to go for a walk.

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    What are you doing today?

today Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for today

Phrases with today

  • at the present time; as things stand


    As of today, we have not received any updates on the project.

  • starting from today


    From today on, I will start my new diet plan.

  • today's date

    the current date


    Please write today's date on the top of your paper.


Summary: today in Brief

The adverb 'today' [təˈdeɪ] refers to the present day or the current period of time. It is commonly used to indicate the timing of an event or activity, such as 'I am going to the gym today.' 'Today' can also be used in phrases like 'as of today,' meaning at the present time, and 'from today on,' meaning starting from today.

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