tremendous Definition

  • 1very great in amount, scale, or intensity
  • 2extremely good; excellent

Using tremendous: Examples

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    The company has made a tremendous amount of profit this year.

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    She has a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm.

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    The concert was a tremendous success.

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    He did a tremendous job on the project.

tremendous Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using tremendous

  • a large quantity or degree of something


    She has a tremendous amount of talent as a musician.

  • a great deal of stress or strain


    The athlete was under tremendous pressure to win the championship.

  • tremendous strides

    significant progress or improvement


    The company has made tremendous strides in reducing its carbon footprint.

Phrases with tremendous

  • a very strong effect or influence


    The new policy had a tremendous impact on the economy.

  • a great deal of hard work or exertion


    It took tremendous effort to complete the marathon.

  • a high degree of possibility or likelihood for future success or development


    The young athlete has tremendous potential for a successful career.

Origins of tremendous

from Latin 'tremendus', meaning 'terrible to tremble at'


Summary: tremendous in Brief

The term 'tremendous' [trəˈmɛndəs] denotes a high degree of amount, scale, or intensity, as well as excellence. It can describe anything from profits to energy, exemplified by 'The company has made a tremendous amount of profit this year.' 'Tremendous' extends into phrases like 'tremendous potential,' and idioms like 'tremendous pressure,' denoting stress, and 'tremendous strides,' implying significant progress.

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