vouch Definition

  • 1to give a guarantee or an assurance
  • 2to support or confirm the validity or truth of something

Using vouch: Examples

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  • Example

    I can vouch for his honesty.

  • Example

    Can you vouch for the accuracy of this information?

  • Example

    The evidence vouches for her innocence.

  • Example

    I cannot vouch for the safety of that product.

vouch Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with vouch

  • to give a personal assurance about someone's character or trustworthiness


    I can vouch for him; he is a reliable and honest person.

  • to guarantee the quality, accuracy, or safety of something


    The company vouches for the quality of their products.

  • take someone's word for it

    to believe what someone says without requiring proof or evidence


    I'll take your word for it that the movie is good.

Origins of vouch

from Old French 'avochier', meaning 'to call'


Summary: vouch in Brief

The verb 'vouch' [voutʃ] means to give a guarantee or assurance, or to support or confirm the validity or truth of something. It can be used in phrases like 'vouch for someone' or 'vouch for something,' indicating personal assurance or guaranteeing quality. An example sentence is 'I can vouch for his honesty.'

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